Eat More and Lose Fat not weight !!!!!

Want to get into great shape ?  Eat less right?  Wrong!!!

Most people when they start a weight loss routine drastically cut back on their food intake, in the hope they will loose lost of weight really fast.   What can happen is you will lose weight, but you will lose valuable muscle and not fat.  We need muscle as we rely on this to burn off the fat we have stored, and the foods we eat.

The trick is, to know how many calories a day your body needs , and what your basal metabolic rate is.    If you can get under your calorie need, and above your basal metabolic rate, your going to be losing fat not muscle.  And thats how you get a toned athletic look.

Work out your basal metabolic rate here !!!!

Work out you daily calorie requirement here!!!

Make sure you hit between these numbers and you will be loosing fat.

Remember to factor in your exercise, when calculating your daily calorie requirement!  More calories on the days you workout !

Happy Fat Loss


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