Are Protein Shakes Cheating ?

This is a question I have been asked a few times.

Simple answer is no.   Whey protein is a bi products of cheese.  We all remember little miss muffet eating her curds and whey.   Well thats exactly what whey protein is made of. Years ago it was just discarded.  Of course these days its often sweetened and flavoured.

To build muscle , its recommended to eat 1gram of protein per lb of bodyweight.  So if you weigh 180lbs that 180 grams per day.  If your trying to lose fat, you really should be trying to build muscle.

Often its difficult to get all your protein from “normal” food so protein shakes are a good idea.

Whey protein is quickly absorbed so its recommended straight after your workout.  Where as Casein protein, digests slowly so is recommended at night before bed.



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