Why Low Fat Foods are making you fat !

Bacon or Chicken?

No brainer right?  Chicken is the obvious choice.

Chocolate bar or broccoli.  Again we know the broccoli is the healthier choice.

So eating low fat food is better for you.  Thats the easy part.  Unfortunately the food and diet industry has taken this and twisted it into something else.  Giving you a large range of low fat “healthy” options.  Of course taking out the fat, means taking out a lot of the flavour, so what have they done, either reduced the portion size or replaced it with sugar.

Many of the diet foods we eat today , are actually just the same as the non diet version, just smaller in size.  The rest are substituted by sugar.

Sugar is quickly consumed and processed  by your body and if not converted into energy, stored as FAT !

So there you have it , thats how your low fat foods are making you fat.

So to loose weight, avoid the packaged foods and try to eat low fat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible.  Fill your plate with vegetables, and avoid sweets and crisps.



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