Childhood Obesity


Its extremely sad to see how many overweight youngsters are about these days. We live in an age where kids no longer have the need to run up the street to see if their friends want to play, or opt to run around a field playing sport or even games like tag (tick as we call it in the UK). With the digital age, we can text our friends or use twitter or other social media, we can play championship soccer online, or even more violent games like call of duty. We have too many options to avoid getting out in the “real world”. The weekends exist of “treats” like a trip to McDonald’s or some other fast food restaurant. People have more money than our parents did so takeaways become part of weekly life for many families.


  • Stop feeding them adult portions. (they are smaller than you, they don’t need to eat as big a meal as you.)
  • Make trips to fast food places a one a month treat, not every week. (We know kids love McDonald’s, so let them enjoy it, but make it more occasional)
  • Encourage your kids to get their sugar rush from fruit. (Again make sweets and candy a treat, maybe but they smaller “snack sized bars)
  • Limit Video Game and computer time! Make them go out to actually see their friends.
  • Encourage them to do sports. After school clubs, martial arts, ballet anything to get them moving. Find out what they like to do and take them to a club, having a commitment is a good thing.
  • Take them swimming with their friends. Again it a good treat, doesn’t cost the earth, they get to exercise whilst they play, and everyone loves to swim.



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