Change Your Body Change Your Life

I thought long and hard about a slogan for my site.  I thought about fitness , the type of fitness I wanted to specialise in and how it had affected me since I had gotten fitter.  It also reflects a lot on the person I used to be.

Firstly, as you start to loose weight, people that you don’t see too often, will start to notice.  Your looking well they will say.   Over time, your posture will start to improve , people that are close to you, will start to notice.  You will see that clothes are starting to get bigger, you will be standing taller.  You will start to feel better about yourself.

You will start to feel more energetic, you will start to see yourself differently.  You will realise that you have been determined enough in your life to make a massive change.  You will realise that you can make other changes in your life.  You will find that you have the strength and the will to do it.

You will be a new person in many ways.  The way you are with others, the way others are with you.  You will be proud of what you have done.  You will know that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.


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