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Does Sport in School encourage our kids to fail?

As a Personal Trainer most people assume that Ive always been the sporty type, well nothing could be further from the truth.

As one of 5 children, two girls and three boys, non of us were particularly sporty,  my dad did little to encourage any of us to get involved in sport, he never watched football (soccer) or rugby.   He did watch a lot of other things like darts and snooker, which made me think that sport was quite boring.

So school starts, and the first thing we learn in PE is football (soccer).  I remember it well.  So many kids with their Leicester Strips and nice boots with “screw in studs” .  I had a pair of plimsols (we didn’t have the money for fancy boots) and,  it was a Leicester city top, but it was my older brothers and about 12 years old (1963) so I really felt out of it before I started.   So we play, and I was rubbish.  I have no foot,  hand and eye co-ordination, I still struggle to catch things.  So from that day forward, I believe I am rubbish at sport.  I hated football, rounders, I don’t think I ever hit a pitch, and so thats how my life went. So now I knew your rubbish at sport and all the other kids knew I was rubbish at sport, and so the humiliation continues.

So what happens is every week at PE?   Well firstly we have the team pick!  We all know how that goes, the two best players are the Captains, same two pretty much every week, and they are probably the ones in the school football teams.   So they take turns to pick their teams, and pretty much most weeks I was in the last two.   And even when you know your going to be in the last few picked,  sometimes theres a kid who you think is worse or maybe more unpopular than you are, and they get picked before you, your morale just hits the floor to its lowest ebb.   So now not only are you rubbish at sport,  you have the worst kit, you are also the most unpopular kid in the class.  And then theres the ball you miss, so your even more unpopular.  I actually remember hoping that no one would actually pass me the ball,  often they wouldn’t,  at least then I knew I couldn’t mess it up.   And now you know why some kids hate sport.

So now this lack of faith in your own sporting ability , you decide that you aren’t very good at any sport, and fail at everything.

I actually did get into cycling later, in my mid teens, and was very good at it, and I did get the opportunity to show how good we were at it during my senior years.  The teacher gave us a route, and off we went.   Not only was I always the first one back, but I was back considerably before anyone else.  Unfortunately the teacher never really gave me any props for this, I think it was assumed that I somehow cheated as I don’t think even the teachers could believe I was any good at anything.

So whats the solution?

Encourage kids to enjoy sports by putting them in groups of similar abilities.   No one wants to loose every time. Teachers should be spending time with the less able kids teaching the basics before throwing them into a game that they are going to fail at.  Everyone is good at something , find out what it is and encourage them to do it.

Obesity in children is on the rise, we need to encourage our kids to move more, and get out and enjoy physical activity.   It starts at home, but Schools and P.E. teachers need to be doing more.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”  – Albert Einstein

Eat More and Lose Fat not weight !!!!!

Want to get into great shape ?  Eat less right?  Wrong!!!

Most people when they start a weight loss routine drastically cut back on their food intake, in the hope they will loose lost of weight really fast.   What can happen is you will lose weight, but you will lose valuable muscle and not fat.  We need muscle as we rely on this to burn off the fat we have stored, and the foods we eat.

The trick is, to know how many calories a day your body needs , and what your basal metabolic rate is.    If you can get under your calorie need, and above your basal metabolic rate, your going to be losing fat not muscle.  And thats how you get a toned athletic look.

Work out your basal metabolic rate here !!!!

Work out you daily calorie requirement here!!!

Make sure you hit between these numbers and you will be loosing fat.

Remember to factor in your exercise, when calculating your daily calorie requirement!  More calories on the days you workout !

Happy Fat Loss

Give me 12 weeks and ill give you a new you!

Many people will start the new year with the best intentions of losing weight and getting fit.  Most last just over two weeks.   The main reason is they don’t see results quick enough.   If you put your body through lack of food and tough workouts , you want results , and after two weeks if the scales aren’t moving, then people give up.

How can you not become on of the ones that fall off the wagon?   commit to 12 weeks !  No matter how you feel about yourself, no matter what excuses you can find, promise to commit to the following for the next 12 weeks and you will change your body, and hopefully find a new focus on diet and excercise.

Firstly, measure, use scales, use a tape measure, and use a camera.  These are the tools to measure your progress. Take physical records and do not look at them again until 12 weeks are up, then compare.

Now do the following for the next 12 weeks.

Work out every other day.

Don’t find excuses, make time, at least 20 minutes, no more than an hour.  Try to use intervals to get you heart rate up.   Even if you walking the dog, walk a lamppost , run a lamppost, but get out of breath.  Do some weight exercises too! Swim do anything to mix it up as much as you possibly can.  But remember to get your heart rate up.  Intervals are the key to burning fat!!!  Stay off the same piece of gym equipment for every workout.

Stop drinking alcohol.

If you can give up alcohol altogether thats great.  If you can’t do that, allow yourself one evening of alcohol in each month.  So if its your birthday, you can have a night off.  But just one night.  Alcohol is not only high in calories, it also inhibits your natural fat burning.

Drink More Water

Go for two litres a day.  I mean it take that bottle to work in the morning and make sure its gone by the end of the day.  Not only does it help to make you feel full, it aids digestion and its great for your skin.

Eat smaller meals.

We all tend to over eat, so I challenge you to use the fist size portion monitor.  SO a meal should consist of protein, carb and vegetables.  each portion should be no bigger than your fist.  So, lets think of an evening meal.  Chicken portion, fist size, Rice Portion, Fist size, Green beans, fist size.  You get the idea?  That means if you have bread, fist size, thats no more than once slice per sitting, unless you have desperate dan hands.


Eat every 3 hours or so,  snacks can be yoghurts, or nuts. fruit, cottage cheese.  Stay away from the processed snacks and cereal bars.

Reward yourself

If you’ve had a good week of eating clean, have a cheat meal at the weekend.  It will help keep your metabolism going.   But only reward yourself for being good!!!!

Use technology

I recommend using the myfitnesspal and live strong apps to monitor your progress.

Avoid the easy life

Take the stairs, not the lift, walk the kids to school don’t take the car, all these things add up.  Think about how you can put exercise into your life, rather than make things easy.  Even washing the car yourself will burn calories.

After 12 weeks.

Measure and compare.  Not only will you have made a dramatic change to your body , you will also have changed your lifestyle, and hopefully these new habits you have formed will keep you fit and healthy for years to come.

*please consult with a doctor before taking physical excercise.

Are Protein Shakes Cheating ?

This is a question I have been asked a few times.

Simple answer is no.   Whey protein is a bi products of cheese.  We all remember little miss muffet eating her curds and whey.   Well thats exactly what whey protein is made of. Years ago it was just discarded.  Of course these days its often sweetened and flavoured.

To build muscle , its recommended to eat 1gram of protein per lb of bodyweight.  So if you weigh 180lbs that 180 grams per day.  If your trying to lose fat, you really should be trying to build muscle.

Often its difficult to get all your protein from “normal” food so protein shakes are a good idea.

Whey protein is quickly absorbed so its recommended straight after your workout.  Where as Casein protein, digests slowly so is recommended at night before bed.


Why Low Fat Foods are making you fat !

Bacon or Chicken?

No brainer right?  Chicken is the obvious choice.

Chocolate bar or broccoli.  Again we know the broccoli is the healthier choice.

So eating low fat food is better for you.  Thats the easy part.  Unfortunately the food and diet industry has taken this and twisted it into something else.  Giving you a large range of low fat “healthy” options.  Of course taking out the fat, means taking out a lot of the flavour, so what have they done, either reduced the portion size or replaced it with sugar.

Many of the diet foods we eat today , are actually just the same as the non diet version, just smaller in size.  The rest are substituted by sugar.

Sugar is quickly consumed and processed  by your body and if not converted into energy, stored as FAT !

So there you have it , thats how your low fat foods are making you fat.

So to loose weight, avoid the packaged foods and try to eat low fat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible.  Fill your plate with vegetables, and avoid sweets and crisps.


Team Ghost Fitness at the Wolf Run !

On the 7th September 2014, myself and two of my clients, braved the elements and successfully took part in the wolf run. It was a fantastic day, a very enjoyable yet muddy experience, and we managed to raise over £3000 between us for the diabetes charity. Type One Mission.

I am planning to do the event again next June and will be inviting all of my clients to join my wolf pack.

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Can you trust the articles your read in Fitness Magazines ?

Most people at some point will buy a fitness magazine, but can you trust the content of the articles? Magazines, at the end of the day are a business, and whilst we do spend money on buying them, they also get a lot of revenue from their advertisers. When a magazine gets thousands of pounds from advertisers selling creatine products for example, would they be wise to print an article that said that creatine is not a good supplement to buy? Personally I think there are a lot of magazines that mis represent the truth with their articles. As we know the supplement and sliming market is not really regulated, and many products have limited tests of their effectiveness. We rely on “expert advice” but ultimately we can only really try products and try to evaluate our own results. The best place to find quality advice is scientific journals, which have some basis of truth behind results.


Childhood Obesity


Its extremely sad to see how many overweight youngsters are about these days. We live in an age where kids no longer have the need to run up the street to see if their friends want to play, or opt to run around a field playing sport or even games like tag (tick as we call it in the UK). With the digital age, we can text our friends or use twitter or other social media, we can play championship soccer online, or even more violent games like call of duty. We have too many options to avoid getting out in the “real world”. The weekends exist of “treats” like a trip to McDonald’s or some other fast food restaurant. People have more money than our parents did so takeaways become part of weekly life for many families.


  • Stop feeding them adult portions. (they are smaller than you, they don’t need to eat as big a meal as you.)
  • Make trips to fast food places a one a month treat, not every week. (We know kids love McDonald’s, so let them enjoy it, but make it more occasional)
  • Encourage your kids to get their sugar rush from fruit. (Again make sweets and candy a treat, maybe but they smaller “snack sized bars)
  • Limit Video Game and computer time! Make them go out to actually see their friends.
  • Encourage them to do sports. After school clubs, martial arts, ballet anything to get them moving. Find out what they like to do and take them to a club, having a commitment is a good thing.
  • Take them swimming with their friends. Again it a good treat, doesn’t cost the earth, they get to exercise whilst they play, and everyone loves to swim.